Blog #2 Baroque

This piece of art, created by Georges de La Tour, was appealing to me because of the lighting and the intensity of the action portrayed. La Tour was a French Baroque painter who mainly painted religious chiaroscuro scenes lit by candlelight. La Tour was best known for perfecting these nocturnal night effects before other artists of this time. La Tour’s style can be seen in almost all of his paintings and this style is characterized by the chiaroscuro, careful geometric compositions, and very simplified painting forms.  In this painting I see influence from The Council of Trent/Counter Reformation. This is a painting of “Christ in the Carpenter’s Shop” giving it first off a religious aspect. Additionally, the Council of Trent believed that depictions of religious stories through art should be clear, realistic, and show emotion. I think that this painting is both realistic and shows emotion through the great contrast in the colors. The expressions on both of the individuals faces are very clear and emphasized with the style.

Title (English): Christ in the Carpenter’s Shop

Artist: Georges de La Tour

Date: 1645

Created in: France




Blog #1: Renaissance

I chose to post a painting by Mantegna because, unlike the other visual arts of the Italian Renaissance, I found this one to pose a different and very unique view. While this painting tells a very important religious story it also holds a lot of aesthetic value. Mantegna utilizes foreshortening techniques to give this painting an interesting view from Christ’s feet. I like this use of foreshortening because it creates a more realistic painting. Mantegna was known for using unusual vantage points like he did in this painting and I think this is originates from the Humanistic influences during the time. This painting puts a lot of focus on the individual and on religion, as humanists believed art should.

Lamentation of Dead Christ

By: Andrea Mantegna

Created in Milan in approximately 1466


first exploratory post.

Here goes my first blog post! I’ve participated in many discussions on blackboard but haven’t ever developed my own blog. Since we are supposed to learn how to insert a picture I included a photograph of myself (I think it’s easier to have discussions when you can imagine the person you’re conversing with) and a picture with a quote that I think sends out a good message for this course. A lot of times students go into these required courses judging the content and the objectives, however, with a little motivated curiosity I expect to come away from this class with a new outlook and opinion on art.