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For my second Non-Western piece I wanted to choose something very different than my other piece. I chose this piece titled Clean Heart by Singing Sandra because it has a great rhythm, calypso style, and great lyrics. It is a great example of Caribbean music. The combination of the instrumentals with the accented singing voice really make the piece a great one for me. It has a lot of culture with the style of music and it shows a lot of cultural background with the lyrics. Singing Sandra is one of Calypso’s greatest female icons. She has won the Calypso Queen crown several times and her music always has a positive uplifting message. She has an album titled Clean Heart that was released in 2005. Here’s her featured piece also titled Clean Heart along with the lyrics.


Keep a clean heart
And a clear conscience
Is war and violence
It really doh make sense
Keep a clean heart
Make sure your conscience free
You good in words and deeds
Then you could jump and spree

Is time yuh ease yuhself from de struggle
Time to ease yourself from the stress
Cause so long we fighting this battle
And yes we life in a mess
All way we turn now is drug abusion
So much young girls in prostitution
Tell me what is your expectation
For the upcoming generation
Sometimes we blame it on world leaders
Dem is de first we does see to blame
And yet still we living in poverty
And we lifestyle it is a shame
But dis man does feel dat he dreader
And dis one does feel dat he dread
But you could never know who’s de dreadest man
Till you hear dat one ah dem dead


Too much raping, too much kidnapping
Child pornography pictures snapping
And if we live till 2K11
What de hell you think going to happen
When some fathers raping dey daughters
And mothers raping dey sons
Ah set ah five year old now in primary schools
Dey done know how to use a gun
Some boy doh want to work for no money
Tief’n is dey only resort
And if you see dem early Monday morning
In a jail van going to court
And brother first thing dem boy achieving
Is everything dey does loss
So is time to put down yuh gun, put down yuh knife
Give praises to de boss


You got to be good in all that you doing
Keep God in your heart day by day
You cyah sit down every day skylarking
And we can’t expect to get pay
Some fellas doh want no hard earn money
Dey only intend to rob and shoot
And dem is de first if you hear dem saying
Police fighting down de ghetto youth
Boy ah does fraid to put on meh TV
De way how dis country confused
Because ah know every day yuh sure to hear
bout 4-5-6 murders on de news
Dey tell we things will be getting better
And tings only getting worse
And de way I see dis country going right now
Like dis country bless with ah curse.

Singing Sandra
Clean Heart
Album Title: Clean Heart
Released in 2005


One thought on “Blog Post #8

  1. Interesting choice! it amazes me how different countries are and the way they do things. I personally thought it was goofy how the background dancers danced and what they were wearing. I would think that in Africa it would be way to hot to wear such big clothes. Also after reading the lyrics i thought it was strange how the words were a little off, but it still made sense. I am glad you presented the factual information and the video. overall great post. I wonder if they get tired of all the layers of clothes and big head pieces?

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