Blog Post #7

I chose to portray a work from Diego Rivera. Rivera is a Mexican painter that was born in 1886. By 1906 Rivera was featured at the San Carlos Academy annual show with 26 different works being showed.  Rivera was interested in military issues and was fascinated by the Russian army. He began to travel at the age of 21 and eventually became a revolutionary. Rivera focused a lot on murals but also did smaller paintings, including self portraits.



Diego Rivera
Pan American Unity Project
November 1940

San Francisco
Panels 1 & 2 of mural.


I think that this mural is very interesting because it tells so many stories from many backgrounds. This mural as a whole looks great as art on a building, but it also tells many smaller stories that when looked at are very intricate and contain many details. The amount of work put into this mural is immaculate. I like the culture that is portrayed in the mural as well. Rivera was an artist with many ideas and opinions that I believe he wanted to share through his art.



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