Blog Post #5

I have always been really interested in photography, so as these eras progress I’m happy to see more artists that I’m familiar with and can connect with. Dorothea Lange is a famous photographer that I believe did an excellent job photographing and documenting the Great Depression. Her portraiture and photographs of the time as a whole really focus on the emotion and ultimately the devestation of the people during this terrible time. I chose to use one of her more famous photographs Migrant Mother because it not only shows the emotion of the mother but it also portrays the emotion of the young children as well. This photo has a lot of artistic value in the photography world and on top of that it is a great portrait to display the emotion of the era.


Migrant Mother
Dorothea Lange
Photographed in California


2 thoughts on “Blog Post #5

  1. I chose this piece as well and I too love photography. I think Dorothea Lange did amazing work at this camp. Her photographs really show the true despair these families had to face during the Great Depression. I think you picked a great piece just wish you would have said more about the photograph. Great job citing and getting in the main assignment requirements 🙂

  2. It seems as though many many many other students have chose this photography and chose this person. I too have chose Dorothea to be part of my blog; a very good choice i think. What you said about her being an awesome photographer is true, she took so many good photographs of the great depression and they exploit great emotions.

    You did meet the main requirement of picking a photo and telling us why you like it and relating it to one of the influences. But it seems you did not cite your work. You met all of the other criteria, but wish you could have written little bit more. Other than that your blog looks good. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

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