Blog Post #3 Classical Music

I recreated my blog after realizing that we weren’t allowed to choose a painting from this era (even though I really do enjoy the painting I posted about previously).   After reading about the many musical artists of the Classical era I settled on Beethoven because I have fond memories of playing his pieces, such as Fur Elise, when I was younger. Before I even knew the history of Beethoven, as an artist, and of the era in general I noticed the way that this piece transitions and flows. It has a simple, easy to follow style, and is very pleasant on the ear. It seems to provide a sense of enjoyment and pleasure when it is heard. This style of music may have been more appealing to the middle class because it had easy to understand styles, simple styles, that were easier to follow (i.e the sonata and the symphony form). The music and theater of this era also took a drastic turn towards the middle class because the composers and producers changed the audience they exposed their works too.

Here is the link to listen to Fur Elise:


Ludwig van Beethoven

Fur Elise

About 1810

Location created: Unknown


I am sure that most have heard this piece at some time or another, because it has maintained its popularity throughout different eras of art, it is just now that we are viewing it through a different lens.





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