Blog Post #3-Classical


I chose this painting by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun because it genuinely stood out to me. After I had selected it I went back to the class notes and realized that this was one of her more famous paintings. I liked the colors in the painting first and foremost, they are unique and contrast well with the skin of the individuals and the background color. Secondly, I like the emotion and the relationship portrayed in the painting. It is a clear example of the Rococo style of this era. The subject matter is very light and the painting puts a lot of emphasis on the pleasure. The gentle colors and the curved lines of the bodies are also genuine characteristics of the style. I think the subject matter is what made it so appealing to the middle class. The content of this painting is much more realistic than any other subject matter before. People of the middle class were able to relate and understand this painting which made it appealing to them.


One thought on “Blog Post #3-Classical

  1. There seems to be a few things lacking in your analysis. The year the piece was done and where it was done are the first to jump out. These are just basics and barely detract from your personal reaction to this piece. The way you attached the piece to the middle class was rather general, yet still applicable. Honestly I think a generalized statement like that better shows how paintings done in this era were becoming more accessible.

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