Blog #1: Renaissance

I chose to post a painting by Mantegna because, unlike the other visual arts of the Italian Renaissance, I found this one to pose a different and very unique view. While this painting tells a very important religious story it also holds a lot of aesthetic value. Mantegna utilizes foreshortening techniques to give this painting an interesting view from Christ’s feet. I like this use of foreshortening because it creates a more realistic painting. Mantegna was known for using unusual vantage points like he did in this painting and I think this is originates from the Humanistic influences during the time. This painting puts a lot of focus on the individual and on religion, as humanists believed art should.

Lamentation of Dead Christ

By: Andrea Mantegna

Created in Milan in approximately 1466



3 thoughts on “Blog #1: Renaissance

  1. Well, it looks to me like you got all the required information for this assignment! However, although I do agree that this painting has an obvious humanist influence, I’d be curious to hear some detail on how you think it puts a lot of focus on the individual. The religion influence is easy to see, but it seems like you could tell us a little more about what you see of the individual instead of just stating it.

    I completely agree with your comments about the aesthetics of the painting. I also found this piece very interesting due to the use of vantage point. I do a lot of photography, and one of my favorite things to do is take one object and photograph it from several different angles. It’s amazing how looking at something from a different point of view than you normally would can change its whole appearance. That is definitely seen in this painting. The use of foreshortening does give it a more realistic, meaningful feel, like you’re actually standing there inside the picture. Awesome choice of art to write about!

  2. What an interesting perspective! I think you accomplished the requirements for this task, however, I would have liked to know a little more on how and why you connected this piece to a humanistic influence in the Renaissance period. Similar to my posting choice, this piece has an dynamic visual appeal due to the vantage point and unique angle. My piece of choice seemed to have a 3-D effect, as does yours. Great job!

  3. Danielle,
    I really like this piece that you chose! I agree that it is a very interesting perspective. I don’t know if I think it makes it more realistic or not though. To me it feels weird to have the feet that are closer up to be smaller than the head of Jesus that is far away. It’s kind of fun that Mantegna paints from such different perspectives. It makes you think about the painting more. You listed all of the information required for the blog, but I think you could have put much more interest into it. The explanation for how it is connected to Humanism was quite brief as well. Do you know why this painting was done or what it was done for? That will put a whole new perspective on what it means. Also, who are the people with Jesus?

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